Supadance 1178 - Dark Tan Satin

Supadance 1178 - Dark Tan Satin

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Eye-opening ladies' Latin sandals with high arch support and narrower fitting. The high arch support is made up to relieve excessive pressure and foot strain by distributing body weight across the feet and by cushioning the impact of walking. The practical two-way ankle and underfoot strapping is designed for a professional hold to ensure security and give maximum mobility and arch flexibility. Produced with a thicker flexible insole for greater comfort and with an eye-catching braided front that is assembled to offer elegance and even greater support. Decorated with a Swarovski diamante square hook buckle featuring a gold Supadance logo.

Product Features:

  • Regular Fitting
  • Full Suede Sole
  • Dark Tan Satin
  • Available in 2.5” Stiletto heel
  • Made in UK

Important note: Regular Fitting with a 3" Stiletto heel can be ordered from Supadance at additional cost.