About our founder

Our Story

A curious dancer from a young age, my childhood photos show a proud little girl in Coppelia and Swan Lake outfits made from fabrics sourced by my loving parents in their South American travels.

As a teenager and young adult in Australia, I became a versatile and proficient hobby dancer, eager to learn and master multiple styles of dance, a passion that has continued over the decades.

My name is Cecilia Castle, and I am the director and founder of GlamourDance, a leading Australian brand of dance products that services the Australian and New Zealand dance industry to provide products including dance shoes, dance wear, and accessories for adults and children.

In 2004 I identified a need for quality dance products for the Australian dancer. After researching and road testing products from around the world for optimum satisfaction, GlamourDance was born. I structured the company to work with a dedicated team of professionals to cater for the needs of the Australian dancer. The company has developed and matured to produce Australian made dance products wherever possible.

GlamourDance partners and cooperates with world famous brands to offer Australian dancers the best quality options for their needs. From professional to social, GlamourDance has the right product for every stage of dance development. GlamourDance leads its customers every step of the way.

GlamourDance’s focus is on supporting dance studios, their students, event organizers and the wider social dance community. We offer choice, affordability and quality products. Our team excels in customer service and product knowledge, reflected in our extensive goodwill and recommendations.