Supadance 1012 - Flesh Satin

Supadance 1012 - Flesh Satin

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Stunningly elegant best-selling round toe ballroom shoes with luxurious satin and a soft strap for comfort and style with a stylish oval diamante buckle. The flexible sole gives a greater ability to point and flex. The suede sole is perfect for spins, slides, and turns on many floor types. A must-have dance sports shoe for ballroom dance.

Product Features:

  • Regular or Wide fitting
  • Flesh Satin
  • Suede Sole
  • Available in 2.5" Contour heel and 2" Flare heel
  • Made in UK

Important note: Regular or Wide Fitting with 2" Contour and Regular Fitting with 3" Contour heel can be ordered from Supadance at no additional cost.