Top 5 online dance courses during COVID

Ballroom dancing is a social sport that has changed over the centuries due to different cultural influences. But at a time when social restrictions make practising even with just your dance partner difficult, many dancers are worried about losing fitness and technique.  

Fortunately, many options for online dancing classes and coaching have opened across Australia and the number of dancers using them have significantly increased. 

This is the perfect time to wear in a new pair of dance shoes, tune up your technique and choreograph a new routine all from the comfort of your own home.

GlamourDance has been proud supporters of Dancesport and it's dancers since 2004.

The current climate is challenging for all dancers, so we've taken the time to provide you an alphabetical list of our five favourite online courses from around Australia.

1.    Arthur Murray Inner West

At Arthur Murray Inner West, studio instructors work with students to improve technique, learn new routines and build confidence in different styles. All teachers complete a rigorous training program and challenge all dancers to be their best.

COST: $$$

AGES: 18+

STYLE: Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin and social dances



2.    Dancesport Kingdom

Dancesport Kingdom has a variety of coaches available for classes, many of whom have won titles in the big three UK Dancesport Events. This studio prides itself on unique teaching style and personalised tuition.


AGES: 11+

STYLE: Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin

CLASS TYPE: Group and private


3.    LDA Sydney

Latin Dance Australia (LDA) has been running Latin Dance classes since 1999 across two locations. With an impressive list of World Champion Trophies, if you’re looking to improve your Latin technique why not give LDA a go?

COST: $$

AGES: 18+

STYLE: Latin

CLASS TYPE: Group and private


4.    Matt Rooke Ballroom Training Sessions Online

Matt Rooke Ballroom Training Sessions Online are specifically designed to teach classes in a small space. Retired from competition, Matt and Karla now coach and adjudicate across Australia and Asia.

COST: $ 

AGES: All ages

STYLE: Ballroom, Latin, pilates and stretching



5.    The Dance Sport Lab

With over 50 years of experience between founders Nathan and Meagen, The Dance Sport Lab has created inspirational and creative online dance classes in every ballroom style. Understanding the athleticism and artistry required to complete, this DanceSport studio lives up to its name.  

COST: $$

AGES: 6+

STYLE: Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin

CLASS TYPE: Group and private


Before you book your first online dance class, don’t forget to dust off your ballroom shoes.

Get competition ready at home by working through your routines and wearing in your next pair of dance shoes before hitting the dance floor!

Here's to the next dance! Shop shoes here