Shoe, hair and clothing accessories

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Style: Anti-slip Powder

Supadance Anti-slip powder for shoes and dance floors, 300ml


Style: Silicone Polish

Specially made for patent shoes to stop them sticking when they touch. Also helps keep leather shoes soft & supple.


Style: Quick Release Shoe Hooks

Replacement strap hooks for GlamourDance and SupaDance shoes or any other dance shoe where the buckle clips into a hook


Style: Clear Shoe Straps

The straps fit around the instep of your foot and hold your shoes in place


Style: Slim Fit Converters

Easily converts regular fit shoes into a slim fitting for the narrower foot. Available in: Dark Tan (in stock), Flesh and Black.


Style: Fingerless Dance Gloves

Long gloves with a loop that goes on the middle finger to hold them in place. Stretchy to fit all sizes, adorned with rhinestones. Available in: Blue, Red and Black. Length: 35cm.


Style: Replacement Heel-Tips (Contour)

Replacement heel tips for Ladies Shoes in Colours Black or Brown.


Style: Replacement Soles - Ladies

Replacement suede leather soles for ladies shoes. One size. 1 pair in pack. Available in Black or Flesh.


Style: Replacement Soles & Heels - Mens

Replacement suede leather soles and heels for mens shoes. One size. 1 pair in pack. Available in Black or Flesh.



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