Men's dancewear accessories

All eyes on You for that distinguished look that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Style: Suspenders

White, 3 Clip, adjustable, elasticized, 100cm


Style: Bow Tie

Black satin, pre-tied, comes in a box


Style: Bow Tie

White fabric, pre-tied, comes in a box


Style: Tie

Black satin


Style: Cufflinks

Black with embossed silver edges to enhance the look of your shirt and whole outfit


Style: Collar studs

Collar studs for ballroom collars. Long - for front collar, short - for back collar. $10 each.


Style: Shirt studs

Shirt studs. $12 each. $40 - set of 4 in a box.



$10 for 1-3 items
Contact us for postage prices for larger or overseas orders.