Shoes, Dancewear & Accessories

In addition to our online catalogue, we have a store at Glebe, and have a stall at various events, where you can purchase our full range of dance shoes, dancewear and accessories.

GlamourDance Shoes

ladies dance shoes

Women's Shoes

from $130 per pair

children's shoes

Children's Shoes

$95 per pair

dance sneakers

Dance Sneakers

from $85 per pair

men's shoes

Men's Shoes

from $140 per pair

jazz shoes

Jazz Dance Slippers

from $65 per pair

Taygra Shoes

Taygra sneakers from Brasil

Taygra Shoes

$50 per pair

Women's Dancewear

Men's Dancewear

Men's Latin & Ballroom dance shirts and vests

Dance Tops

from $110 each

Men's Latin and Ballroom dance pants

Dance Pants

from $160 each

Men's dance accessories

Dance Accessories

from $25 each

Girls' Dancewear

Girls' red dance dress

Dance Dresses

from $85 each

Boys' Dancewear

Boys' Latin and Ballroom dance shirts

Dance Shirts

from $90 each

Boys' dance accessories, ties etc


from $20 each


shoe brushes

Shoe Brushes

$15 each

heel protectors

Heel protectors

from $7 per pair

dance tights - fishnet and shimmer

Dance tights

$20 - $40 per pair

dance hair pieces

Hair pieces

from $40 each

dance foot thongs / undies

Dance foot thongs

$25 per pair

dance and performance jewellery


from $25 each

Visit our store in Sydney to see the full range of Glamourdance, Supadance and Ray Rose dance shoes, dancewear and accessories.